19th May 2011
I've  been away again for the week, retirement is wonderful, how did I find time to go to work !
So let’s update a past entry. Back in March I told you about a bird I wanted to photograph, well someone has taken it for me, another local resident, well done and thanks Lindsey! This bird has been around the area of Brickfields for about four years, according to Lindsey. It is often in her garden and this is where the photo was taken. I have seen it about for two years myself, but have never been able to get that close to photograph it.
It's  a male Blackbird and has some unusual markings ( see Picture). It has what they call, an Albino gene. It is fairly uncommon, but not rare. There  have been some records of  Blackbirds being totally white, and that is classified as being a true Albino, which is rare. If this particular Blackbird had white marking on the front, it could be mistaken at a distance for a Ring Ouzel, see the difficulties. Bye for now !

              Lindsey's Blackbird Picture                                                                   Ring Ouzel

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