30th May 2011     Brickfields LNR
Well all’s quite at the moment and not much happening. Plenty of juvenile Starlings, Blue Tits and House Sparrows, all breed well over the reserve. I’m also checking out for new juvenile  Woodpeckers, as I know they are breeding over there as well. Most of the Spring arrivals are here in the county. I’m now on the lookout for Spotted Flycatchers. No adders sighted yet, but ‘Curly’ the Grass Snake is still about, sun bathing...saw him again today.

Well it always rains on Bank Holidays, well that what it seems to me, but for the first time I’m pleased, we need the rain ! I think I’ll have a barbeque, then it is bound to pour down !

Talking about barbeques...They are not allowed over Brickfields, but sad to report people are having them. This is classed as anti social behaviour. It’s not so much the mess they leave behind, coupled with the obligatory empty cans of lager etc, but the total disregard for the hazardous dangers of fires getting out of control and also putting themselves in danger of accidents without nearby assistance of the emergency services.

 Have one at home it’s much better and safer.

Bye for now.

Stephen Gregory
6/1/2011 07:26:41 am

Dear Ron, my wife has asked me to tell you about regular visits to our garden of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers. Every day we see a pair who enjoy our peanuts on the Oak tree and hopefully they will bring their offspring like they did last year. We await news of your search for an Adder. We have had Grass Snakes but not an Adder in our garden pond. I hope to bump into you some time - I walk my Boxer Millie twice a day and if you see a Boxer with a long red lead - it is probably me. Best wishes. Steve Gregory


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