2nd January 2012
Brickfields LNR
Very quiet over Brickfields this morning. Not many birds around except a few Blue & Great tits, Chaffinches and a couple of Robins. Not even a song from the Robins or Blackbirds, even though it was a sunny morning and very mild. Yesterdays rain has lifted the pond water level and soon the Newt model will have its tail in the water. I think it's wellie boots time if you are considering a walk around the reserve off the hard pathway.
The weather is unseasonable and I am thinking, are there any seasons anymore ?  In 2011 the weather was all over the place, spring was warmer then summer....Summer was wetter then autumn and this winter so far, is warmer then normal !

This what the Met. Office had to say on Friday of last week ; This year was the second warmest on record for the UK, the Met Office says - '"Provisional figures show that only 2006, with an average temperature of 9.73C (49.5F), was warmer than 2011's average temperature of 9.62C (49.3F). This year saw high temperatures for lengthy periods; including the warmest April and spring on record, the second warmest autumn and the warmest October day. Early figures suggest 2011 is ending with a "close to average" December.
The Met Office said its figures were a mean temperature taken over day and night.
Apart from January, the other months that had below-average temperatures were June, July and August."

I am going to put this website on the Home Page of the Brickfield Birder, so you can check , but don't blame me if it's wrong !  
Don't look good for tomorrow !
Bye for now


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