28th February 2011
Hello, Hello, Greetings!.....Well the day of launching this site as arrived!
I hope you enjoy reading the entries, if no one read's it or logs on to the site, I’ll have enjoyed writing it anyway. I don’t want it to be too serious, so I will make it light hearted at times. If you see me over there, please say hello, I’m approachable really. I don’t claim to be an expert in Birds, but if I can be of help to someone in trying to identify some species you think you might have seen, then I will be please to do so, if I can’t, I do know some experts who can!
I hope this site is useful to the Birdwatching beginner and the more knowledgeable.  I won't be updating the site every day, but possibly a couple of times per week with what's happening locally associated with Birdwatching , or my little trips out elsewhere  Birdwatching.
 Tomorrow will be the first sightings....Bye for now.