30th June 2011 -  Sorry for the lack of updates,computer problems. The site will be down until repaired,hopefully will be back in about a  week !
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22nd June 2011     Brickfields
At the beginning of the year I shared with you, some of the ideas the council were introducing, apart from the new hard pathways. They are going to install signposts and directional signs. Some of the posts will have hand carved species on them. All the species depicted are found on the reserve.  Notice boards with nature notes will also be installed. Well, some of the items have been finished in their workshop. They have also undertaken  new layout plans with walks linking up with Cranham Marsh, the Essex Wildlife Trust Reserve. So here is an insight, see the pictures below.

             From the drawing board to the finished or near finished items.   Click on picture to enlarge
17th June 2011
I’m still here, hope you are still, I’m back!
I thought a ‘Hard Drive’ was being caught on the M25  A127 or the  A13 in slow moving traffic, but there is another one and my mine packed up on my computer and I’ve not been able to update anything! Hope it is now fixed (fingers crossed).
A few things to catch up on. Seeing we are now having a change in the weather and receiving some rain at last.....the BBQ’s have stopped. It’s not just the weather that has reduced the BBQ’s, but the patrols of the Parks Protection Team have increased, so well done and thanks to them!
Three new birds are added to the list, Jackdaw, Linnet and Sand Martin. As I mentioned before, Red Kites have been seen flying over Upminster and Cranham. On the 7th June two Kites were seen flying together and seen by two different Birdwatchers, one in Upminster and the other in Cranham.  However the Kites were the same birds! On the 14th June two Ravens were sighted flying over the R.S.P.B reserve at Rainham. No they never escaped from the Tower of London. I saw two Ravens last year flying over the New Forest. Luckily I was with a group of other Birdwatchers, otherwise I might not be believed.

I had a lovely trip out to Ashdown Forest, east Sussex on Monday 13th with some of my Birdwatching chums and tried my best to encourage some of the special birds to fly to Brickfields, so we will have to wait and see, different habitat unfortunately, but we can dream on. Redstart, Woodlark, Meadow & Tree Pipits, Redpoll, Spotted Flycatcher and Treecreeper seen and finishing off with a  Buzzard as we were leaving to go home. We saw at least six male Redstarts, an absolute stunning bird in the breeding season.

Next up, new photographs of some of the woodcarvings that are to be installed on the Brickfield site. We have the drawings in the photo section you can view, but now some of the carvings are near finished. New lay out maps as well. Just have to sort them out and I will put them on this website.
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Male Redstart pictured below