16th September 2011
A little walk with the dog this afternoon. A lovely day, I would have thought the temperature was about 70F with a southerly breeze, very nice, went around most of the reserve. Well the very windy conditions that were forecasted last week-end were not too bad here; a few small branches and twigs came down, along with a lot of acorns. So no damage.
 A Sparrowhawk went over the rooftops of Limerick Gardens just before lunchtime, but I never saw it after that. Plenty of Blue tits and Goldfinches around and two House Martins went over heading South, won’t be long before they have all gone. A few butterflies still around, especially on a day like this, mainly Red Admirals, Large Whites and Speckled Woods. Did not see any Dragonflies over the pond today. Two pairs of Mallards and a single young Moorhen on the pond. The single juvenile Moorhen appears to be the only one around, but is managing well and self sufficient with feeding, wonder what happened to its parents?.I know they bred there, but no sign of them in the last few weeks. I know there was plenty of rainfall in August over the country, however  the pond is very low and some of the planted trees need a good drink. I think the  rain missed us!
Bye for now

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