10th April 2001 - Hornchurch
 Went along to the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch on Sunday night with my wife to see Chris Packham the B.B.C Wildlife presenter of 'Springwatch' and a few other Wildlife programmes. He is touring the country at the moment with a show called 'A Wildlife Exposed'. He is a great presenter combining humour, facts and the serious side of Conservation. One of his gifts is wildlife photography and most of the show was a presentation of his photo shoots, both at home in his garden and from around Africa. The photos were absolutely stunning; I could not do them justice in words!  From Snow Leopards to Elephants to British Wildlife, Otters and Birds....Wonderful!. He's passion is easy to see and his enthusiasm is very catching. He finished with a plea to parents and grandparents to encourage their children to explore the world around them, let them get dirty, let them climb trees, let them  keep animals as pets, snakes, lizards and other creepy crawlies. This is the real world, not the world of computer games ! He also gave away some good books to youngsters in the foyer. A very good night and if you get the chance to see him ....go !

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