15th March 2011
Brickfields LNR.
Over Brickfields this afternoon for a quick walk around, seems to be more Collared Doves then normal, I counted a dozen.
Funny old day, weatherwise, misty and dank, 8C with a Easterly wind at 10mph. In Southampton at Lunchtime, according to the 1:00pm news  it was 16C, their warmest day of the year and in Scotland it was snowing !
Some of the Summer migrants have arrived a Wheatear, Chiffchaff and Little Ringed Plover have already been recorded at Rainham. Chances of seeing a Chiffchaff at Brickfields are good, possibly not just yet though. Saw two last year over there, near the Pond area.
One thing I did today is put up a new Fat ball, The one I  put up a few days ago has been eaten up, not a bit left, just the little Green nylon sack it came in !    I'm going to photograph the culprits and send them the bill !  Also if I get the chance, is to photograph a Blackbird that's around Sunnycroft Gardens and the Brickfields car park area. I won't tell you about it, wait and see, but it is different.  Now I've started this mystery, I hope it does not take weeks to photograph.  All I can say is I saw it again today , but did not have a camara with me !
Bye for now

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