Brickfields L.N.R
Dim & Dank, no,  not a new comedy duo, that’s how Brickfields was this morning, around about 9:00am. Visibility not so good, so not a good morning for birdwatching, but still very mild, however the Robins and there were a good few, singing to mark their territories. Small parties of Great tits with a couple of Blue tits amongst them searching through the trees, looking for insects. A couple of Jays were on the ground, pecking around. Still plenty of Acorns for them to store away. Other birds seen; female Chaffinch, Dunnock, Wren,  Pied Wagtail, several Goldfinches, a Green Woodpecker, three male Blackbirds and of course the usual, Carrion Crows, Wood Pigeons, Collared Doves and an increase in the number of Starlings and House Sparrows. No sightings of Fieldfares or Redwings on the reserve yet, but there are a good few around locally.

The water level in the pond has risen a little from the rain last week, but is still low, but I’m sure it will be back to normal as the winter rain arrives.

Bye for now.

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