Monday 25th June 2012
Hi Friends and thanks Benedict for the kind comments.
From time to time visitors ask me if there are any events that take place over the reserve...So what I will do is this..... I will put any events that have been arranged to take place over Brickfields L.N.R or locally related wildlife events, on this website’s  notice board.  Unfortunately there is no notice board over Brickfields to pin anything to. I have in the past pinned up notice sheets in plastic wallets, but they either get ripped down or defaced, perhaps that why there's no Notice board!
The event that was organised by the Safer Neighbourhood Team (Police)  on Saturday 23rd was very successful. This was to clear up all the rubbish that flytippers and others dump in the nice wooded walk through at the bottom of Moor Lane, Cranham. A skip was filled  and taken away and about twenty or more local  people lent a hand. Thanks to the Moor Lane church who opened their doors for refreshments and toilets. Well done to all  who helped to keep Cranham green & clean !
It was a lovely day, the rain kept off, so many Butterflies were out, mainly Speckled wood and the birds were singing.
Oh and England are out of the Euro's  on penalties again.(Sunday 26th)......woe is me.
Bye for now

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