23rd May 2011
When I mean good kite flying weather, I mean the type of kite that’s on a length of string!  It’s very windy and my newly planted hanging baskets on taking a battering. However look to the sky occasionally as the other sort of kite..a Red Kite might be about, a couple of sightings have been recorded over the Hornchurch and Upminster area in the last two weeks. This time last year I spotted a Red Kite overhead from my garden in Cranham, circled over Brickfields, then flew off heading northeast. I have not counted it on our bird list, as I only started recording and published this website in February of this year.
The Red Kite is quite distinctive, a large rapture with a forked –tail, displayed when gliding. It would be nice to see one again.

                                                                                Red Kite in Flight
In all my exitement over Adders, I forgot to add a new bird to the list...the Swift...I saw about a dozen fying around at speed feeding, on Friday 20th. You will now see them on a daily basis, best time I find, is late afternoon and early evening.

Another little bird told me that Blue tits have bred in a nest box in Aiden Barrett garden, have a look (without disturbing them), each morning and evening,see how many times the adults come to the nest with food, but don't forget school and homework first !
Hope all go's well Aiden. 

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