23rd April 2011 - Brickfields LNR
Walked around the Reserve this morning to see if the trees are o.k. Their doing well after Wednesday’s mulch and water. Very few have not taken, the Wild Pear have not done very well, having lost about half a dozen. The grass has been cut short around the block tree planting area and this makes it easier to walk around and see the identification labels. Some have names on them put on by children who planted them. Well done to them.

Plenty of bird song, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Wren and Whitethroat singing. Saw two Whitethroats and heard more, so another new bird to the list.

Plenty of Butterflies as well,  Orange –Tip, Small Whites and Speckled Woods.

After about six weeks without any substantial rain fall, the pond water level has dropped, have a look at the photograph taken in rain on the 26/2/11 to see how far it has dropped. I know the warm dry weather is great, but we need some rain!
Bye for now.
Orange -Tip Butterfly ;
: A wide range of damp grassy habitats is used, including meadows, grassy areas in woodland, road verges and waterside habitats such as ditches  and Cuckooflower ( Lady's Smock) is the usual foodplant. Great for Brickfields then !
DIscription:Generally white with a bright orange wingtip, the male of this species is easily recognised. The female has dusky grey wingtips, by comparison. They both have dark spots to the mid fore of the upper wing and moss green mottled patterning against a white background on the underwing.

Common Whitethroat
The whitethroat is a medium-sized warbler, about the size of a great tit. It has quite a long tail which it flicks and cocks as it darts rapidly in and out of cover. The male has a grey head, a white throat and a brown back, and is buff underneath. It is a summer visitor and passage migrant. It winters in Africa, south of the Sahara. Found over most of the UK. from mid-April to early October. They eat mainly Insects, and berries.They like shrubland,overgrown bramble and woods with plenty of cover. 

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