12th May 2011 -  A Brickfields reply
Hi Steve,
Sorry for the late reply....Yes I would be interested in the cuckoo dates and for any other information or sightings regarding Brickfields. Just as a matter of interest the first Cuckoo heard locally ( that was recorded this year, that is ) was at Rainham Marshes ( R.S.P.B Reserve) on the 12th April and even nearer,  at Hornchurch Country Park ( Ingrebourne Valley ) on the 16th April. My first seen & heard was over Brickfields 5th May.
Keep in touch and to anyone else who wishes to make any comments or ask any wildlife questions about Brickfields. I'll try to answer and reply within a few days.
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Bye for now

Stephen Gregory
5/19/2011 03:41:05 am

Dear Ron, As requested, here are the dates that my wife Carol has kept for the first date of hearing a cuckoo going back to 2001:-
17/5/2009 (latest arrival date)

As you mentioned, the Rainham RSPB and Hornchurch Country Park dates are earlier than our hearing this year - I assume that must make some sense.

Carol had the pleasure of seeing a cuckoo this morning as it flew from one tree to another at the end of our garden after it had sat in the first tree singing away before flying off.

If you have any luck with an Adder, please let us all know as my wife is petrified of snakes and yet is fascinated by them as well - that's Women for you !!!

Best wishes.

Steve Gregory


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