Back again...two months without a computer, what a nightmare, even a borrowed Laptop gave up and died!  No emails, printer stopped working, could not update the site, so cleared off down the family caravan for nearly a month (of August). Can’t get a signal down there anyway. How did I manage in the past without a computer! Well it’s in the past, so I am going to delete it.

Did manage to visit Brickfields, but in July/ August is a quite time for Bird watching, the usual birds still about. Some have bred; Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers have done well, a few Juveniles about. A few more noisy Jays as well. The weather has not been very kind to the Butterflies as there was more rain in August then in February!

It‘s nice to see more people using Brickfields and the children have been on holiday. But the down side is the amount of litter left around increases and why do people (mainly kids) keep throwing branches back into the pond, along with bottles and cans. Never mind, little things please little minds. I’ll endeavour to keep it clear.

My highlight, birdwatching wise, was a trip out with some of my birding mates was on the 18th July. We went up the country to Rutland Waters and viewed a pair of nesting Ospreys, three young were sitting in the nest demanding food! Fanatic day watching an Adult hunt over the water and come back with a large trout and carrying it back like a torpedo to the nest. Later in the day we watched a Kingfisher catching much smaller tiddlers and carrying the food back to a nest somewhere. The little and large of the fisheaters.

On the 22nd August a trip over to Rainham RSBP reserve and viewed a juvenile Cuckoo for sometime, less then 20yds on a post right in front of me. The closest I have ever been to one!

So the next thing on my agenda – I have a PowerPoint presentation to undertake this Thursday 8th at The Cranham Community Centre in Marlborough Gardens at 7:45pm this is for the Ward meeting of the local Ratepayers Association.  I think the meeting is open to the public and you don’t have to be member.

I’ll let you know how I got on.....Bye for now

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