21st October 2011
Brickfields LNR
.....No it’s a lovely carved Great Crested Newt, synonymous with the Brickfields pond as the Great Crested Newt breeds in  there. This Newt is on the endangered species list and protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.
Well the Newt has been installed on the Pond dipping platform, see the pictures and click on to enlarge. It was supposed to be fitted on Thursday but a ‘technical’ problem stopped it. Anyway it is now fixed, hopefully securely, I know how it is secured, and it’s going to take some effort to remove it. I am hoping for lots of rain this winter so as the water level rises, this will make a better visual effect with the water lapping up to the newts tail ! Go see it and enjoy.
Other than that, a pair of Grey Wagtails were flying around feeding on the insect life on the muddy banks. A party of Long- tailed tits were searching through the tops of the trees for food. A good few Chaffinches, Great tits and Woodpeckers about. I saw and counted five Green Woodpeckers. They could be heard with that ‘Laughing Yaffle’ alarm call as well.
Bye for now.

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