16th March 2011
Rainham Marshes
Got up, looked outside, cleaned my glasses, just as I throught it's  misty again ! Off to Rainham Marshes for my Wednesday jolly around the R.S.P.B Reserve and to meet up with my birding mates. We look just like a scene from ' Last of the Summer Wine', Oh that's me in trouble again...sorry Guys !  Well Rainham, looked just like one of it's characters  ' Foggy'.
I won't go through the sightings,but it was not to bad. Mind you, have you ever tried to find a singing Skylark in the sky on a very misty day, I wouldn't bother if I were you, just enjoy the song. Walked along the River wall, usual waders, Redshank, Dunlin, Oystercatchers and Curlew.  Also an added extra a rather large Grey Seal !  this is not the first seal at Rainham, they are getting more regular with Grey and Commom seal being seen. After a chat and a nice cup of tea, returned home.
In the afternoon another little walk over Brickfields. A Grey Heron was inspecting the pond,but flew off when I got near. No doubt he will be back. But someone please tell him the Great crested Newts, which have been seen in the pond are a protected species and they are not to be he's snack. Talking about snacks, the new Fat ball I put up only yesterday is all gone, eaten, just the nylon bag left again. I have not replaced it.  I'll be skint at this rate!  Might take out a loan though. What I would like to do is have a couple of feeding stations around, not Bird Tables, somebody might think they are too good to resist and put them on E - bay.  Just a log with a wooden top on it, would do, so as to put some mix bird seed on, then people can watch the birds at closer quarters without binoculars. Plenty of Chaffinches,Blue tits and Great tits activity about, pairing up ready for breeding.
I counted at least six pairs of Chaffinches at different locations, Well the mist never cleared much, it reminded me of  when I was young, getting on the number 23 bus and going upstairs to be met by a thick fog of tobacco smoke. I knew one of my mates was up there, but had to shout his name to find out where he was sitting. Yes I am of that age !
Bye for now.

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