16th October 2011
Now where was I..Oh yes, the Juvenile Sparrowhawk ! I have often seen Sparrowhawks flying over my garden and over Brickfields, but never in my garden. So it was a big surprise to have one sitting on my garage roof, near the bird table, looking straight at me, on Friday morning. I had just sat down in the conservatory with a cup of tea and looked out of the window and as a habit, looked at the bird table and feeder. Then I looked as a double take and wishing I had my camera at hand. It was a juvenile bird, I know this by its colouring. It sat there for a about 30 seconds ( which is a long time) before swooping off and hurdling the garden fences as it went, up and down it swooped scattering Starlings, Goldfinches, House Sparrows and Collared Doves as it went. Then it disappeared over the roof tops. A nice start to the day.

Later on Friday about lunchtime, my wife and I took our two dogs for a walk over Brickfields. An excuse to show my wife the new Information board ( what an exciting life we lead ! ). It was still there ! Walking around I saw a new species of bird for our list, a Grey Wagtail, its back is Grey but it has a lovely yellow in its underparts. It was flitting around the edge of the pond looking for insects. Also around the pond was a Common Darter doing the same (see pictures of the species).

Common Darter ( Dragonfly)


Grey Wagtail

Today (Sunday) another look around the pond to see if the Grey Wagtail was still about, no such luck. I have see one before, over Brickfields, about this time last year, but I was not recording the list then, nor was this website born, so I have added it to the list now. Also added another bird to the list today as a Cormorant flew over the pond, probably heading for Stubbers lakes, it was flying in that direction.
I am very pleased at the amount of visitors who are stopping to look at the information board and admiring the wood carvings. Some really good comments made......But most make the same comment of  " wonder how long it will last" meaning about it being vandalised !  Well you have to try and make it a nice place to visit or the wreckers will only win.
If the nice decent people who I have spoken to over the week-end continue to visit, even just to walk their dogs and encourage others to visit, then that alone cuts down on anti-social behaviour and vandalism, because the weckers don't like an audience they tend to do things behind peoples backs or in the dark, thats how sad they are.
Anyway good times ahead...... The fixing of the big carved Newt has been delayed, but will be installed very soon....Now that will be a talking point !
Bye for now !

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