8th May 2011 -   Brickfields L.N.R
A walk around the reserve at mid-day for a couple of hours, while the Sunday roast was cooking.  Look... my wife says I am only in the way!

Three Cuckoo’s encountered, one calling, probably some quarter of a mile away, but I managed to get within thirty yards of another one, really good views through my Bins (Binoculars) oh for a decent camera! The other one flew off when I got within 100yds and lost it as it flew into a wooded area. While trying carefully to walk through the fairly long grass, because I did not want to disturb any snakes having a sun bathe, I nearly trod on a Lizard, who managed to scurry away from my size 9 Boot. I would have liked a better view, but it was too fast for me...most things are these days!

Plenty of Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Whitethroats in the wooded areas and look on the tops of Brambles that’s where most of the Whitethroats were sighted. Not sure if it was a Willow Warbler that I heard, didn’t see it, even though it was very close, I’ll try the area again this week.

A few of the Iris’s ( Yellow Iris ) at the edge of the pond ( to the right of the Pond dipping platform ) have now come into bloom, I think when a few more bloom it will make a lovely sight and a good photograph.

Well I don’t often say, “Glad it’s raining’’ but boy do we need it! So a few heavy showers that arrived yesterday were welcome news. The ground is dry, the newly planted trees need a drink and one thing that worries me is a fire! So can it pour of rain please....during the night, when I’m asleep of course.
Bye for now
           Cuckoo (male)                                             Common Lizard                                          Iris  Pseudacorus
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Steve Gregory
5/8/2011 10:18:37 pm

Dear Ron, Sorry, I should had read the blog before sending you my message a few moments ago. My wife was correct by the sound of it and so she has recorded the date of her first hearing as usual.
If you would like a note of the dates from previous years as per my last message we are only too happy to oblige.
Best wishes.
Steve Gregory


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