Visit to Brickfields yesterday (Saturday ) had little tidy up around the pond area and cleared the branches from out of the pond,along with the usual rubbish that get's thrown in. Two new sightings to add to the list of species a rather large Southern Hawker ( Dragonfly) and a Garden Warbler . Pictures below
They are common species, The Southern Hawker will be about to October and they like ponds with a good bit of vegetation, so no wonder it likes our pond. The Garden Warbler is a summer visitor, I know they have been around a few months, but I have been missing the usual walk abouts and not been able to update the website. No sooner have I recorded them, their be off.
The trouble with undertaking a bit of work over Brickfields, is I have to keep stopping to look at the wildlife, so what should take about 1/2hr work takes an hour !
Also other Birds viewed, several Goldfinches, including a few juveniles with them. A group of Goldfinches are known as a 'Charm' and aptly named to, one of my favourate birds. Lot's of Chaffinches, Blue tits and Great tits as well. When I arrived, just before 9:00am,  Four Mallards were on the pond, three Males and a female, that's the most I've seen together this year. Oh and a Grey Squirrel kept me company after he had a drink in the pond,went up a tree and watched me !
On Thursday night I did a Powerpoint presentation of Brickfields Nature reserve at the Cranham Ratepayers ward meeting. It went down well ( I think) I enjoyed doing it myself, nice people.  I hope  it wetted their appitite to go over there, a few people were surprised what wildlife there is on their doorstep. Well if you know a good story, share it with others,don't keep to yourself ! Thers's enough bad news about.
Looks like we are going to get some bad weather over tonight and tomorrow - high winds ! So stay safe. For Birdwatchers it a time for some unusal species to get blown inland. Only last week a Manx Shearwater turned up on the Thames at Rainham, right outside the R.S.P.B
Bye for now.

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