11th May 2001   Brickfields LNR 
Went over about 8:15am, had a look around in search of possible Adders, but a bit overcast, cloudy and not as warm. So they were probably hiding somewhere a bit warmer, having a ‘Duvet Day’ as they say. There will be other times, still only early May!

I stopped at the pond as normal, which is one of my favour spots and watched the regular large Grass Snake swim through the water and up onto a large floating log, just as the Sun come through. The Sun remained on that part of the Pond for about an hour and the snake decided to curl up and make the best of the warm rays. I think I’ll nickname him ‘Curly’.

 Found – On Saturday 7th May - a Silver metal Necklace with some charms attached to it was found on the pathway leading from the Car Park in Sunnycroft Gardens to the reserve. If you know anyone who may have lost this item or it may be you! Please leave a message on this page by clicking on ‘Comments’ hopefully the person and necklace can be reunited again!
The Necklace has been handed in at the Corbet Tye Road  Police Office and you can contact them on 0207 1618907
Bye for now.

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