9th May 2011 - Brickfields LNR
On such a lovely day Brickfields is a must. Glad I went, saw a few things which I have seen before, however not over Brickfields! Made my way over to the Pond, it didn’t matter where I looked there was something of interest.
Apart from the Large Red Damselfly, which I recorded last week, there are now several Common Blue Damselfly flitting around. At least six Smooth Newts surfaced from the water for a gulp of air before returning to the depths. A nice Song Thrush came down to have a drink and plenty of Bird song around the pond, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, Great Tit, even a Green Woodpecker joined in with that laughing Yaffle call. Sitting there nice and quiet and a Cuckoo came over out of nowhere, at first I thought it was a hawk, but it landed a few yards away and called, before taking off again. No doubt it saw me move. Another new Bird for the list, two House Martins flying overhead.  Then someone (regulars to Brickfields Sally & Colin with their Dog ‘Sky’) called me over to have a look at something on the path.  Well, without doubt a Slow Worm making its way across the path from the Pond area to the undergrowth on the other side. Managed to take some photos. I love them, not everyone’s cup of tea, but totally harmless, they don’t bite, unless you are a slug... see good for the garden, you’re beginning to like them more already!  People think they are snakes, but they are not. They are more a ‘Limbless Lizard’.

 A quick walk through Franks Wood, not much in the way of Birds, only a couple of Jays, Wood Pigeons, Magpies and Great Tits. The Tree canopy cuts out a lot of the light, but where the Sun can break through it looks lovely. I managed to photograph a nice Red Admiral Butterfly on the fallen leaves on the ground, taking in the nice warm sunshine in such a place. So making my way back home and walking back along the path past the Pond again, another Slow Worm was making the same trip as the one seen previous, defiantly a different one. All I need now is to go looking for Adders to add to the list of species. I have been told by reliable sources that there are Adders over Brickfields and because of the widening of the M25 nearby, a lot more wildlife has been push over to our reserve....Good! 
Bye for now

 Photographs: 1 & 2  Slow Worm  3. Common Blue Damselfly  4. Red Admiral Butterfly. 
 5. Franks Wood ( Red Admiral sighted beneath this Tree)    6. Common (Smooth) Newt.
(Click on Picture to enlarge).

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