Friday 15th June 2012
The overnight rain as stopped and a bit of brightness prevails.

So instead of birdwatching I did a bit of bug hunting. I’m still practicing with my new camera on macro mode. You can really get close ups on the little critters, pick out the fine details and suddenly they have a beauty of their own!
Like this little Cricket, it’s not a grasshopper.
Mind you I have to get my insect book out to identify some of them. See the couple of photo’s below. Yes I hear you say, that’s a Ladybird, I know that!  Ahh.... so which Ladybird is it then?
Did you know there are about 26 different types of Ladybirds in the U.K. So they say!
Click on the picture  to enlarge               

          11- spot ladybird shown                                  Bush Cricket                             White shouldered House Moth 
There is a big community clean up event in Moor Lane,Cranham on Saturday 23rd June......I'm going along to lend a hand and to find what Wildlife abounds !  Lets keep Cranham Green & Clean !   SEE the Notice board for details.
Bye for now.

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