9th March 2011
Visited Rainham Marsh & Belhus Woods CP
Rainham Marsh in the morning for my Wednesday walk as per usual. I was hoping to see some Goldeneye Ducks, three were sighted on Monday 7th, but they were not seen yesterday and we did not see them today....Shame. But there was plenty to see, Pintail, Gadwall, Ruff, Black-Tail Godwit, Golden Plover, Dunlin and disapperaing faster then a speeding bullet, a Water Rail. They are a bit shy, just like me (cough) So if they see a group approaching they dive for cover, just like me, but only if I owe them money!  Along the river front there were a couple of Rock Pipits & Water Pipits. I'm glad there were some experts with me, as they are quite hard to tell apart ( The Rock Pipit is the darker of the two, see pict. ). Oh nearly forgot, Spring is just around the corner, I saw and heard at least four Skylarks, always reminds me of warm Summer days, do you remember them !
If  that was not enough, on my way home I stopped off at Belhus Woods CP  as I saw a few Fieldfares flying as I was driving along in that direction. Well I was right as I counted about 40 in an open field, it's still winter then !  I also saw a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker as well as the Tits ( Great,Blue and Long tailed, but not the Marsh tits, that I know  are there )  Goldfinch and Greenfinch. Late home and a slapped wrist awaiting, sorry dear , any tea in the pot, guess what...........
Bye for now.
                 Water Pipit                                             Rock Pipit

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