23rdMarch 2011
Rainham Marshes
for my birding walk and social events day. Apart from viewing the Birds, it’s good to catch up on other bird topics and what other birdwatchers have seen or heard from the area’s where they live. Believe me there is a Birding grapevine. The grapevine is made up of ‘pagers’ , ‘e mails’ and quite a few birders  now have I-Phones, where they can send and receive e-mail and text messages,  getting and giving information, especially ,  if something different or a rarity has been sighted. So today was one of those ‘Grapevine days’ I’m led to believe that over the weekend, not one, but three Garganey Ducks ( see pics) were sighted, a little bit of excitement as these ducks are normally Summer visitors (April- Sept) and they winter in Africa,  they are strictly migratory birds. These Garganey’s decided, Rainham was the place to be!  So this morning Rainham Marshes was a little bit more busy than normal and I managed to see them. Two males and a female, wonderful!  I don’t think they will stay long, could only be a couple of days. I’m glad to see them, as I was told, last year and previous year’s only double figures are normally seen.  

Brickfields LNR    After the excitement of Rainham Marshes, a quick walk around Brickfields with the Dogs. A few Long tailed Tits seen. Most of the birds are now pairing up and a lot of the work is in finding nesting sites and building the nests. Saw Blackbird, Blue tit, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon and House Sparrow with nesting material being collected and flying with it in their beaks. no Chiffchaff seen or heard yet. A new bird added to the list, a Lesser Black Backed Gull (see Pict) was flying over the site. Not unusual, there are good numbers at Stubbers Lake’s which is less than a mile away.

Don’t forget this Saturday ( 26th ) from 9:00am- Tree planting at Brickfields !
Bye for now

                             1.  Female Garganey          these pictures don't do them justice !           2. Male Garganey

                                                                    3.  Lesser Blacked Back Gull

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