27th March 2011
Brickfields LNR - Didn’t  forget about the clocks going forward. Good job really as I went to Church this Sunday morning as normal ( St. Andrews, Hornchurch ) well you have to thank somebody  for the Wildlife and the Birds!  It would be terrible to arrive an hour late, you know go in for the service just as it is finishing and people are leaving...Oh sorry God, sorry Vicar.
After I had arrived home, had a look around Brickfields to make sure the trees were still there, they had not grown at all.  My old Mum was right...No patience! There are now two Moorhen’s on the pond, looking for a nesting site I hope. Plenty of bird activity, the Sparrowhawk was about high above Frank’s Wood. No sign, seen or heard, of any Chiffchaffs, should be here this week. Plenty have been reported locally and I saw a couple yesterday. Didn’t stay too long as I have a thing called a 'backache'..... but the Tree planting was worth it.  Hope to be around over there again soon.
Bye for now

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