Brickfields – A bit of catching up first. On Wednesday 30th November  I gave an illustrated talk about Cranham Brickfields to The Upminster & District Probus Club in the lovely large dining hall at the Cranleigh Hotel, Hornchurch. I think it went down well, that 's the talk, but there again so did the three course lunch! I’m not use to moving about and speaking on a full stomach and with a ‘mike’ attached to my tie I was praying I didn’t burp ! Prayer answered !
A very nice group of people. I hope they had been encouraged to visit Brickfields more often.

Then last week I had a heavy cold...Man Flu, I don't know how I survived, it  kept me in doors for a week.

Yesterday Saturday 12th a nice couple of local residents who use Brickfields regularly, reported to me that some damage had been done to the surface of the Pond dipping platform. After a brief walk around to see the damage ( it could have been worse ) Any damage is a pity really. The non slip material was only installed about a week ago. It was installed to prevent accidents to visitors when on the platform, saves them from slipping in wet conditions and ending up in the pond! It has been reported and hopefully a repair can be made shortly.
Platform damage, the non slip decking, five strips and a smaller strip on the corner have been levered up as the  screws are still in place.

On a happier note I saw the first Redwings ( 6 ) of the winter feeding on berries on the reserve this morning. Although it was grey and a little chilly, there were plenty of birds about. A couple of small mix parties of Great tits, Blue tits moving around the reserve, noisily  going through the trees and shrubs for insects and seeds. Other birds seen Dunnocks (4), Blackbirds (2) both males, Chaffinches (4 ) 1 male, 3 females. One Kestrel hovering over the back field and a pair of Mallards on the pond. A lack of Robins today, only saw one. Heard  a Green Woodpecker and a few Jays.
Redwings feeding on berries.

Looks like some bad weather heading our way this week, gale force wind and rain.....don’t mind the rain..we need it.
Bye for now

Benjamin Sanderson
12/22/2011 07:47:14 pm

We have had to take all the non-slip material up and wait until the deck dries out before we can stick it down again. This is now likely to be spring or early summer unfortunately.


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