Brickfields L.N.R
I have recently been undertaking illustrated talks about the Brickfields reserve using ‘PowerPoint’ from a computer and I have enjoyed doing it. I have met some very nice people as well!
I have undertaken two presentations for the Havering Ratepayers Association ( H.R.A. ) one in Cranham and the other was on Wednesday ( 2nd ) of this week in Upminster. I must say the H.R.A are very supportive of any local community projects and I am very pleased to say of Brickfields and myself. The talks were advertised in their monthly ‘Bulletin’ and have been well attended. The point is more people are getting to know how good Brickfields is to visit and are surprised about the Wildlife within it.  I am aware that Brickfields has had a bit of history of dumped cars, fly tipping and some anti social behaviour in the past. However Havering council to their credit have cleaned the place up, installed hardcore paths, planted Trees, although volunteers have also put some productive time in as well. So through this website hopefully people can see how Brickfields has changed for the better and visit it more often, you might as well get your money’s worth, yes its free to visit, but as Ratepayers, like myself, we are paying for it indirectly. Money well spent, but that my opinion, but I am biased!
I  now have three other bookings confirmed to give the presentation too. But it is not about me...it’s about Brickfields having a lasting legacy to be able to give pleasure not only to the present local residents,but the future one’s as well. Also to be a safe haven for Wildlife, whose habitats are constantly under threat. I hope my two Grandchildren will enjoy Brickfields in years to come.
Future plans - What I plan to do over the winter months is try and organise a sort of ‘Friends of Brickfields’  where hopefully like minded people might be willing to met and perhaps undertake some voluntary tasks and help keep the reserve looking tidy, help with guided tours or just keep a  general eye on the place. Even 1hr a month could make a difference. Some people attending the two talks have expressed an interest and I have had some very nice comments made and some interesting questions asked as well, like what can I do to help !
All I can say at the moment is things can only get better !
Bye for now

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