11th March 2011
Brickfields LNR
Out and about this morning around the reserve, about 10:00am it was, lazy birder,  I'll have to get over there earlier, because it was quiet this morning and there was not much about, except the usual birds. The Sparrowhawk was about though, flying over Frank's Wood. You know I saw a Male Mallard all on his own, swimming around on Monday the 7th, well it looks like he has now a lady friend, as a female Mallard has joined him.....I'm not the one for gossip, but spring is in the air I feel !
What I have done this morning was to hang up a fat ball opposite the two wooden seat's within the wooded area just behind the children play area. I'll pop over there tomorrow and see how much is left, if any.
Bye for now.

                  Male Mallard                                            Female Mallard

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