3rd April 2011
Brickfields LNR
Over Brickfields about 12 noon on the swings and slide,not me, but my little Granddaughter. She is now at the toddler stage,into everything. So while my wife is cooking the Sunday roast, yes I know its Mothers Day, but  she likes the kitchen to herself !  It was my job to keep Isabelle occupied and wear her out for my son  & daughter-in -law who were coming to dinner later on. No excuse for me not to go over Brickfields, so off we went, me pushing the buggy and trying to view the birds. Even though the new hardened pathway makes life much easier to push buggy's, its nigh on impossible trying to focus on birds with a pair of binoculars, while pushing a buggy. Why not stop? because every time I stopped she cried and the birds flew away.
Anyway more spring arrivals, heared about four Chiffchaffs and saw two. So going from none at the beginning of last week to six or more today, not bad. I will probably be over there a couple of more times during the coming week to see if anymore Warblers arrive like, Reed & Sedge Warblers, they have already be seen over Rainham and the Hornchurch Country Park. Swallows,Sand Martins have been seen in numbers with a few House Martins being sighted too.
Lovely Sunday Dinner, Grandad fell asleep, Granddaughter wide awake, Nanny won the bet !
Daffy Duck has flown away,sorry about that !
Bye for now.


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