25th March 2011
Brickfields LNR - Well the Pond is doing well, the plants and the reeds, are now growing. The Reeds are now at least 18inches above the water level on the pond. Hopefully this might interest Reed Warblers in the coming weeks.Some of the trees have been left and their branches have been left hanging over the water. I would just love it if a nice pair of Kingfishers used it for a feeding ground!  So many more people are using Brickfields since the paths and pond has been cleaned up. I have spoken to people as I go around, but I am really quiet surprised how much people don’t know about the wildlife around them or some of the species that are living on the reserve. So I am going to use this site more for the beginners then I intended to. However I still hope the more knowledgeable find it useful.   It’s nice to be able to stand on the platform and just look. I was doing that today when another new Bird for the list came out from the edges. It was a Moorhen (see Pict), a very common bird, but because the pond was very overgrown last year, I can’t remember seeing one. A lot of people get mixed up with Coots and Moorhens, so have a look at the pictures below and you can see the difference.
 By for now.

           Believe it or not people still mix them up !    Moorhen  is on the left  &  Coot  is on the right.

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