Friday 8th April 2011 - I’m sounding like a Twitcher. Busy week chasing around trying to see the new arrivals and neglecting my patch, well I have been over Brickfields, but only briefly. Apart from the several chiffchaffs that are now there, I have not seen or heard anything different, but it’s not to say the new arrivals have not landed. With the changes in the weather pattern, spring has surely sprung with a large boing!  Butterflies, Bumble Bees and Frogs (Marsh Frog) are out and about. I’m not surprised, its been just a tad over 70F in the last two days (Wed & Thursday).  Big decision to be made over the weekend, I feel, should I leave my vest off and get my shorts out, second thoughts, we might get a late frost !
 Looking forward to seeing Chris Packham at the Queens Theatre,Hornchurch on Sunday.
I also think next week is going to be hectic as well; a new arrival and an addition to the family is imminent!
So here are some reports and pictures of my trips out..... See you soon.

Thursday 7th – Redbridge Birdwatching Guided Walk – Five Oaks Lane, Redbridge
Highlights  and how is this for a choir, at least six  singing male Yellowhammers, 2 singing Skylarks,  5 singing Willow Warblers, 3 Singing Song Thrushes, sounds like the’ Twelve Days of Christmas’ but without  the  Turtle Doves, Oh and no Partridge in a pear tree, but we heard three Pheasants in a field !
Other Birds sighted ; Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Pied Wagtail, Blackcap and Chiffchaff.
A Little Owl was seen and sat well for us to watch for a good fifteen minutes and just to fool everyone who thought Winter was over two Redwing were seen, they are very late in the departure lounge, but coming the other  way in arrivals a Swallow flew over.

Wednesday 6th
Rainham Marshes: There were 17 reported Wheatears on the RSPB reserve and along the waterfront, however managed to see four of them feeding around the cattle. A good place to scan, as Wheatears love and eat insects, so when the cattle are grazing, insects get kicked up, the Wheatears pounce and say thanks very much, bon appetite!  Yellow Wagtails do the same and they will be arriving very soon as well! The Marsh Frogs  have come out in the warm weather as well, looking for a suitable mate. Their croaking can be heard and it seems when one starts they all join in. So that’s were Paul McCartney got the Frog song from!

Below  -   Yellowhammer  &  Little Owl  at Five Oaks Lane, photo’s credited to Peter Warne 
               Marsh Frog  &  Wheatear  at  Rainham  Marshes.

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