23rd October 2011
Brickfields LNR
Had a look, just before lunchtime today - The Newt is still there!  I think I'm becoming paranoid about the new carvings and the information board. Just a little worried about them being damaged or stolen. A lot of work had gone into them and they are a lovely addition to the reserve. Still can't do much about it if it does happen.
Two more Grey Wagtails seen today around the pond. I go two years with only seeing one over there and in a week I have six sightings!
 I'm on the lookout for Bullfinches, I have only had one sighting and that was last year, but someone, a reliable source, heard one on Friday, so I am going to check it out this week.
Bye for now.
Bill Halliday
11/3/2011 02:28:29 am

Mr Colson, we met at the Resident's Association meeting 2 Nov. This afternoon (3rd) I took a walk through the Brickfield, you were right about the litter, I nearly filled the bin by the car park. I would like to assist where I can should you wish to ring, my number is 250224. Great talk last night, it certianly inspired me, thank you once again. Regards Bill Halliday.


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