Tuesday 5th June 2012
After another wet period on Sunday (3rd), I thought I'll take a couple of pictures of the Pond ( yesterday) with the most amount of water I've seen in it. It really makes a difference, it's a shame the sun didn't appear, even briefly, it would have made the colours of the water plants look beautiful. The Newt sculpture has it's leg and tail in the water,looks just like it's trying to creep out on to the platform. Just as a reminder, look at the pond's water level in October 2011 before the Newt sculpure was installed.See the last picture.
Click on  pictures to enlarge. oh nearly forgot...I heard a Cuckoo at last, I know probably they have been there for a good few weeks now, but it's the fact I have not,but that's my loss !
For the second year the Moorhens have breed and two young are doing well and that's all the young I could see. The pair probably breed more than two and I suppose may have lost others to predators. 
Bye for now
benjamin sanderson
6/6/2012 11:52:07 pm

Hi Ron, good to see your updates are back and your wife is making a recovery. Best wishes Benjamin.


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