Well today is the shortest day of the year, that means after today the days are getting longer! Soon be Spring. Cor.. Christmas is not here yet!

Yesterday, had a look at the platform. All the non- slip surface boards have been removed and I am led to believe they will be relayed and fixed with screws and a rubberized glue beneath as well, so they will be doubly hard to lift. The lengths we have to go to prevent mindless vandalism. We could spend the money on better things to enhance the reserve!

 On the nature side, the Redwings are still about feeding on the berries and have now been joined by more Blackbirds. Still quiet on the Robin front, I did not see many, only two. The recent rain has lifted the pond level a bit and the most ducks I have seen on the pond, twelve in all, oh and one Moorhen were paddling about. All the ducks were Mallards and they were quite nervous, looking to take off any minute. Managed to take a photograph of a few of them. The light was very poor, so sorry about the quality.
Bye for now.
Eight of the twelve Mallards seen, Males & females
keeping close to the edge.

12/28/2011 07:03:51 pm

Dear Ron,
I am the "Cuckoo man" who sent you the dates of the arrivals.
Just to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you for your updates over the past year. I am a twice a day dog walker over the Brickfields and so share your interest in the surroundings.
If you ever see a chap with a female Boxer on a long red lead (I daren't let her off as she would never come back) please say Hello.
To add to your notes - we have had some good numbers of Jays as we put out peanuts on the ground and they seem to know when to come. Our house backs onto the Brickfields which gives us an advantage in attracting birds and we have about 12 feeding stations dotted around the garden and we are always busy with various species.
Best wishes. Steve Gregory


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