3rd October 2911.
Brickfields LNR
Well the unseasonable weather has been well documented, records have been broken with the hottest this and hottest that and I’m pleased, I have not put on my central heating yet....Keeps my bills down! Great!  Even a Chiffchaff was in my Buddleia bush on Sunday morning, a first in my garden. But, yes, there is always a but....No RAIN, I can’t believe we had the wettest August for a few years as well, it crazy! I think the best of the rain missed Brickfields. Poor old Brickfields Pond has not been spared; see the difference in the water level (see pictures below).
The unseasonal weather and the wind direction have an effect on Bird migration. Birds do know when to migrate, when summer turns into autumn, it’s time for the summer migrants to leave, the Swallows, House Martins and a lot more. Making way for the wintering Birds coming in, the Waders, Ducks, Geese, Redwings and Fieldfares.  One of the reasons that they know........ The days become shorter, therefore less time to find food!
You’re hearing it now from people, ‘The nights are drawing in’. I am writing this now, its 6:40pm, the sun has gone down and it’s near dark, only a few weeks ago, I was still sitting in my Garden at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Apart from the leaves that are now falling (not sure if it’s the hot weather drying them out) but the autumn colours are starting to show, the next couple of weeks should be well worth a visit to Brickfields just to see nature's colours.
Bye for now.

               The Pond  23rd Feb 2011           (click on the photo to enlarge)          The Pond 3rd Oct 2011

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