20th May 2011
Brickfields seems to be a good place to see and hear Cuckoo’s. I have recorded the numbers so far as seven this year, however it’s very difficult as you might count the same one again.  But I have seen and heard two within 250yds of each other; the third was calling some distance away, but within my hearing level. My first record was on the 5th May for this year. But other local residents have been hearing them for years! I was very pleased to receive a list of dates of the first cuckoo arrivals from local residents, Steve & Carol who have recorded since 2001...fantastic,

Grateful thanks to Steve & Carol, All credit to them!... Hope you don’t mind me sharing this.

This is the list ;
17/5/2009 (latest arrival date)
and this year 20/4/2011
Great timing don't you think, you can almost set the date by them, except in  2009, when their alarm failed to go off ! 
Wonder if it was a Cuckoo clock? I am going to check what the weather was like between mid April to mid May '09, because this does effect migration.
Bye for now.

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