Cranham Brickfields:
Well Christmas is gone and so has my Turkey, now I have to get over the reserve more and walk off the extra pounds ! The New Year is nearly upon us and I am hopeful Brickfields will provide us with more new sightings of  Wildlife and the wonders of nature.

I have installed a new page on the website, called The Notice Board. I am going to update it with Brickfields information and  events regarding wildlife topics, that will be happening locally.  So much more can be achieved as a group ( see the notice board)!

A quick look around Brickfields at lunchtime today, surprised the fat ball I hang up last week ( near the pond) is only half eaten, I thought that would had been long gone! Still  a Blue tit and a Great tit  were hanging around eyeing it.  A couple of Robins  and Blackbirds heard singing, a few Chaffinches around as well and a couple of Jays.  It’s been a good year for Jays breeding over Brickfields, I had seen a good few juveniles in the summer. Thanks Steve for the information about the Jays that come into your garden. Some people don’t like them, because they are of the Corvidae family of birds, which includes the Crows and Magpies. I think they are great, mainly because of their lovely colours in their plumage. (See pic).

A good few dog walkers today and others taking in the fresh air and even some with their new Christmas presents ! Like Guy with his dad, taking pictures of Birds, great to see, good on yer, the next generation of  Wildlife experts. That’s how people like Chris Packham and Bill Oddie started.... Springwatch.... What about Cranhamwatch.... Phew, now that’s a thought !

Bye for now
Jay  (Garrulus glandarius)

12/30/2011 12:47:33 am

Good to meet you today, enjoyed our talk and looking forward to seeing more widelife

Ron Colson
12/30/2011 06:03:24 am

Hi Gary - Glad you found the website !
Good birding website for Guy to see what's around locally -http://www.elbf.co.uk. ( East London Bird Forum).
Take a look at the pictures on that site as well, some of them are brilliant !
Bye for now - Ron


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