26th April 2011 - Brickfields LNR
A bit of a clean up this afternoon – Cleared a few branches, logs and plastic bottles and bags from out of the Pond. A couple of hours well spent, it looks better and I managed to have a chat with a few nice people. Most of the people I get to chat with are dog walkers, the responsible ones, the ones who carry the pooh bags and clear up after their dog. These owners seem to have a strong affection for Brickfields and use the place every day, not just for their dogs, but to get out and get some fresh air. One lady said,’’ It is nice to have the countryside on your doorstep’’ could not agree more!

 It ‘s amazing how these big branches and logs get in the water, it must take some effort  to throw them in, perhaps that’s why there are always these plastic energy drink bottles lying around, it hard work being anti –social you know.

The birds were in fine voice, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Wren and a few Blackbirds as well.
It was also nice to see several Large Red Damselflies flying around the pond, these are normally the first ones to be seen in the spring and the recent warm weather has brought them out. I did not remove all the branches with nice twigs on from the water because Dragonflies, Hawkers and the Damselflies need somewhere to settle on. The branches were in the middle of the pond anyway and out of my reach. Went home for a nice cup of tea, I don’t drink energy drinks, rot your teeth!
 I remember when, only ill people bought these drinks from the chemist shop, you now the one's I mean.
Bye for now
Large Red Damselfly

Found throughout the UK.

Months seen: May to September.

Habitat: Seen close to ponds, streams and rivers.

Food: Insects.

        Special features: This is one of our commonest damselflies, and often one of the earliest to be seen in each year.

5/3/2011 09:31:17 pm

Hi Ron, I have seen you a couple of times when out with my dog. Saw the mention in the Bulletin and so thought I would look on the site. Our house backs onto the Brickfields and have lived here since 1986 and we (my wife and I ) have, in a very amateur way, enjoyed the birds that we see. We have approx 8 feeding stations in our garden plus two ponds and a couple of bird baths and a "bird cam" in one of the 3 nesting boxes we have. Happy Birding. Best wishes. Steve Gregory

Steve Gregory
5/8/2011 10:13:02 pm

Dear Ron, Thanks for the reply and, yes, we do get visits from the Sparrowhawk which we look on as part of the "circle of life". My wife has heard the Cuckoo twice so far this year but I haven't as yet - have you? For many years now we have kept a record of the date that we have first heard the Cuckoo and if you would like to know these dates, please let me know. We think that the Cuckoo nests in Franks wood but have never seen one - have you had any luck ?
Best wishes.
Steve Gregory


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