29th March 2011
Brickfields LNR
Well if one Swallow does make a Summer....Then Summer is  here (not) for today I saw my first Swallow of the year flying over Brickfields and while walking just past the pond, a Chiffchaff, yeah great, I thought they would be there this week ! Two more for the list.

I have taken some new
photographs of the Trees that were planted on Thursday 24th by Engayne School and on Saturday 26th by the council, volunteers and the 7th Hornchurch Scouts with their leader Alan Hyde, they did a stirling job!  Most of the pictures I’ve put on the photograph page. I have listed below, the species of Tree which had been planted, where they are and how many. This list was kindly sent to me by Benjamin Sanderson who is a Regeneration Officer with the Environmental Programmes Regeneration Team at London Borough of Havering.

Hedgerow Trees :    200 hawthorn, 60 Hazel, 60 Dog rose,  60 Field Maple, 100 blackthorns
                                    6 hornbeam standards, 6 oak standards
The Hedgerow Trees are planted in front of the Car Park and to the left hand side. They are also along the left hand side of the recreation field as a boundary from the houses.

Planting Blocks         40 hawthorn, 25 guelder rose, 40 hazel , 25 oak, 25 crab apple, 25 dogwood, 25 spindle,
                          25 field maple, 25 wild pear, 25 wild cherry, 4 field maple standards, 4 oak standards,
4 hornbeam standards.
The Planting Blocks 
(there are four)  Can be seen in the recreation field, it will eventually form a small wooded area. 
                                                  784 Trees planted , Wow! Well done everybody who helped. How are your backs?

Below the New Trees in the Planting Block
                                                       ( Look at the background this is how they might mature)

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