14th April 2011 - Attended the local Cranham Ratepayers Association ward meeting as I was asked to give some feedback about the Brickfields Reserve. This I did with some positive returns. I'm not into politics, but they seem to be more about what effects local people and more about  community based issues. Well done to them !

15th/16th April 2011 -
Yes it all happened late on Friday night, a mad dash to Collier Row to collect my son and d.i.l and straight to Whipps Cross Maternity Unit, where at 1.41am on Saturday morning Harry was born ! Mother and baby doing fine, Grandad relieved. Well where was I expected to get hot water and towels from?  Son and d.i.l remained  calm and only a oooooh from mum to be every couple of minutes. I sounded like Corpral Jones from 'Dad's Army'  Don't panic, don't panic, we're not Dad, you are they said!
 I wanted to call him after a bird. Robin I thought was a good name, Peregrine ? a bit to posh, then they said '' How about we name him after you.....Great Tit''  That's gratitute for you !   So Harry it is and in all that was happening I never saw the Stork !

16th April 2011 - At 11:50am a Common Buzzard was  flying over and made a couple of circles over Brickfields before flying off eastwards. Another bird to add to the list.

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